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HTPC up and watching in 4 hours flat :)))

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Just like to say thanks to all who have contributed to the various FAQ's found in this forum. I read as much as I could. Ordered the gear and was watching a DVD about 4 hours after UPS dropped the stuff off. Here's what I put together and couldnt be happier. Price ran about $1400. My biggest concern was the quality of sound. I must say I am very impressed. The sound IMHO is the same if not better than my Sony 7700. Thanks again Y'all.

My System:


AMD 1.4 Ghz Processor

Asus Motherboard

512 mb DDR ram

60 Gig 7200rpm Hard drive

Nvidia Geforce2 64mb DDR

M-audio Audiophile 24/96

DVD Rom Drive

CDRW Drive

Pinnacle Studio PCTV

Black Case

Acer wireless keyboard (30ft range BTW)


Sony 7700 DVD (headed for EBAY)

Sony 455 Laserdisc

Sony 775hf VCR

Sony 1271q CRT projector

54x96 homebrew screen


B&K Reference 30 (will be for sale going to either Sunfire or Lexicon) (this is a great sounding pre-amp....B&K is aweful to deal with. Jerry in service is good but everyone else is not. They don't reply to emails. Well enough of that rant. Lets just say I will not buy from them again, and discourage anyone thinking of buying a B&K product.)

(3) Acurus A250 power amps

(1) Denon 2200 power amp

(1) Denon 2800 power amp

(2) Alesis MEQ-230

(1) Furman Rackrider w/RFI, EFI Suppression


Mirage M1's

Mirage M3's

Mirage 895i's

Boston Accoustics VR16 Center channel (Uggg...but its the only thing that I have found that will handle the 500 watts fed to it )

Klipsh SW12 Subwoofer

(2) Orion 15" Subwoofers Mounted in Seating stage floor for thump......WHO NEEDS BASS SHAKERS??
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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