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I'd like to upgrade my GeForce2 to something more capable of driving two displays, my CRT monitor and my HDTV. The GeForce2 controls both well most of the time, but it ties up the computer entirely if I'm watching a Divx movie on the HDTV. Performance is sluggish when it is set up to control two monitors. Therefore, I have to switch often to between modes.

I'm a newbie at this, so please forgive me if I don't use the right words. My criteria is as follows.

1. Optimum quality display on the HDTV.

2. Independent refresh rates for each monitor

3. Use Power Strip to adjust the output for the HDTV, but not the CRT monitor. Powerstrip adjusts the display for the widescreen HDTV, but it squeezes the display on the CRT monitor.

4. Nice to have feature: Digital Tuner (i.e. connected to an HDTV antenna)

5. Nice to have feature: TV Tuner (analog cable)

Any suggestions on a video card? Is augmenting GEforce2 with a second card a good option? If so what cards are likely to be compatible?

For optimum display quality on the HDTV, I think I need DVI out (same as I used on GeForce2). The AIW 9700 Pro looks attractive, but does not support DVI out and VGA out simultaneously (the 9700 Pro does). It does support component out and VGA out simultaneously. How does the component video out compare to DVI-out in quality of picture?



2GHz Pentium


200GB HD

Samsung SyncMaster 700NF CRT monitor

Audigy 2 Sound Card

Logitech Z-560 Speaker system

GeForce 2

Win XP


Onkyo AVR-600

5.1 Speaker setup

Samsung DLP HLM507W
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