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Please tell me in terms of reception and video quality which one is better:

1. HTPC using DTV cards like Hipix or accessDTV, or

2. STBs like Samsung SIR-T150 or Toshiba DST3000, etc.

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I can pretty much guarantee you that the STB's will be better in terms of useability and reliability. The only question is, how bad do you want to be able to record? Unless you're willing to pay an arm and a leg on Ebay for the Panasonic combo, HTPC is pretty much the only game in town for recording HDTV right now. The PC tuner cards can also save you money if you already have (or plan to have) an HTPC for other things such as video scaling or DVD playback, but building an HTPC just for OTA HDTV will be pretty expensive.
Thanks for your input. Well I didn't give much thought to HD recording just yet. I'll regard it as an added bonus instead of a must-have, but I would love to use it as a scaler for my LD and cable TV. My display device will be a 65-inch Mits HDTV and my main concern is how well the HTPC tuners perform compared to standalone STBs. Can I expect a reception at least as good as STBs? And how about image quality difference between the two? Is there any? Thanks.
I too am wondering on the answer to this one.

I am considering a Zenith 1080 STB, but know that eventually I will build an HTPC. I don't think the software (and perhaps software) is quite there yet, but I am willing to go through pain... so long as the image quality is comparable. Supposedly, the Zenith is quite good... also quite good at receiving OTA signals compared to other STBs.

I am willing to buy the Zenith now, and build the HTPC later, but I would really prefer not to be redundant... though I am not positive it would be anyway as the Zenith is supposedly also quite good at upscaling SD.

Anyone looked at both that can comment?


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I am planning on buying a myhd card to recieve ota hd. I live about 70~80 miles away from the towers so I need all the reception I can get. So I would like to know now that people have had myhd and hipix cards for a while how is their ota reception compared to a stb? All opinions and inputs would be appriciated.


Justin Sargent
at 70 to 80, it's going to be tough with out a large roof mounted antenna. I think the myhd is less sensitive than my old wintv-d, which doesn't bode well since teh wintv-d was a cheapo. i don't know much about stb's, but i get a good signal at 500kw primetime broadcast at 40 miles with just a cheapo roof radioshack antenna. i suspect with a 4228 you could pick up 70-80 mile signal with some height, a good amp, and a myhd..
It depends on your situation. For me, I have a DVI capable HDTV device, Plasma. It only handles computer DVI. I don't know of an STB that can send out computer DVI. There might be one but I don't know of it. So for me an HTPC solution provides a far superior picture. I do have a Dish6000 STB and DTC-100 STB.

I just got my MyHD device yesterday but I really like it so far. It ran without problem for 5 hours lastnight. I am actually still using the old drivers and I still did not have any problem. It comes with a remote and IR receiver. Works just like a STB thus far. It also allows you to capture HDTV which no STB does today.

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