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HTPC vs Vigatec, Faroudja, ...

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Ok, I truly am not intending to start a fight. I have let my eyeballs train me to the point that it is obvious I need a scaler.

I need to hear from people who have seen these different units and hopefully even used them for a bit.

I know the HTPC is less expensive generally. Certainaly compared to Vigatec, Faroudja, ..., but perhaps not to Quadscan or Crystal Image.

Now with a thread opened on the Extron 406 I am totally confused. I had hoped that someone would give the lowdown on the latest shipping versions of these things in a comparative manner.

There is probably enough experienced posters out there that a virtual comarative review could be had. You know like "BOB checked out HTPC and NR" and "Fred scoped out NR and Vigatec".

Now we have SDI mod for DVD players and SDI input for Dscaler based HTPC. Whew!

Sil 503 to Sil 504 chips. 8 bit video cards vs 10-bit. Heck, I kept thinking somebody was gonna slip a Faroudja/Sage/Genesis/ FIL 22xxx into a scaler!

Anyway, maybe you guys could share your ups and downs of picture viewing with these various units to help me get a better handle on whats what.

Besides, it could make a fun thread!

edit - if the answers come in on http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...threadid=87476 that's great too - not trying to thread stomp.
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If you aren't sure what you want, then go the HTPC route and try it out. It depends a lot of what display you use and what material you will watch. One thing is sure is that a HTPC gives a very good and some claims the best picture for dvd-material. The downside is that is demanding for the user to get it's full potential and get it to work flawless.

I have a Radeon based HTPC, but find it to be to much to handle, and I found that my preference of a picture wasn't fulfilled with the HTPC. But I do agree that it offers a lot for thoose wanting to handle it. I watch both PAL and NTSC in VHS, cable, dvd and Laserdisc and found the Faroudja NRS to be a great choice.

I do not claim that the Faroudja NRS is the best choice, only that it's suits my needs. One thing I have learned with video-processors and projectors, is that every person that have experince in this field have differenct criteria when they evaluate the performance of a video-processor.

Per Johnny Ødegaard
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