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I am wondering if it is possible to meet or even beat the quality of a DVDO VP30 (or 50) with a properly equipped HTPC. From a conceptual/theoretical perspective it should be possible, but I think it boils down to how good the proprietary software in the VP30 is and how close something like PureVideo is to it.

The problem I am having is that it seems very difficult to properly calibrate the beast. There are the general controls that come with the video card and one's that are in the PowerDVD software. Suffice to say the results I am getting are pretty abysmal and I don't know what I am doing wrong. Also, should we somehow manage to get the calibration close, it is very easy to hit the wrong button and have to start over, or calibrating for one type of input or program material trashes everything for another. Very frustrating.

Here is some info:

* I am a computer/PC builder expert, but mostly for high-end gaming machines, I do not know as much about HTPC and need help.

* Here is the system I am currently using (in brief):


AMD Athlon FX-60 (2.8GHz dual-core) w/Zalman

2GB high-end OCZ memory


Purevideo / Purevideo HD / PowerDVD ultimate, etc.

I won't bore you with the rest but feel free to ask if you want complete details. Suffice to say I have no problems with performance playing back H.264 etc., etc., I had no problems playing back HD-DVD with the XBOX 360 drive, it all works.

Now, I have a close friend who is an expert ISF calibratrator but he is not as much of a computer expert. He has an XP30 fed by an HD-DVD player via SDI running to a Samsung 720P DLP projector. I brought my computer over and I could not get the computer to come even close. You have to admit the simplicity of his solution compared to the HTPC.

In particular:

* The interface on the computer for calibration and control is not near as good

* We used the video essentials (DVE) for calibration, or tried

* We had terrible problems with color, gamma, greys, and even basic things like the croma upsampling bug which I would have thought would be long gone in this day and age.

* We could not figure out how to (properly) engage the supposedly high-quality de-interlacer in purevideo to come anywhere near the VP30 in the DVE torture tests. We tried from both MCE and from PowerDVD, and we got vastly different results in each. However, throughout the whole test, the one thing that DID actually look very good was the opening to Star Trek Insurrection, which is a good test for de-interlacers when you look at the tops of the buildings and such. But that was the only thing that came close to looking as good as the VP30, and this was ordinary DVD material.

* Don't even talk about HD-DVD, it was a no-go.

I have no problems playing things on my 30" computer LCD display, only on the projector.

So, I am hoping someone can point me to a place to start or tell me that I should just give up and buy an XP-30 or XP-50. But I would very much like to lick this problem as it would also help me play other material as well as games from the computer on the big screen.

I realize this might be a tall order for a forum post, so I am hoping people can point me to a place to start if that answer is not simple.

Thanks much.


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Originally Posted by Jeff333 /forum/post/0


I am wondering if it is possible to meet or even beat the quality of a DVDO VP30 (or 50) with a properly equipped HTPC.

If budget allows, buy a VP50. It is impossible for current PCware to beat a dedicated video processor such as Genumm VXP or Realta HQV. These chips are highly optimized.
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