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HTPC? What the Hail?

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Hey there all,

Well, I have decided to get the JVC G15, it's a 4:3 projector, I know this, want this because most of my use will be 4:3 , including alot of videogames and even more computer based games...

Here's my question. I realize the JVC's native resolution is 1365 x 1024, which I know I can get my Computer to output with Powerstrip (right?),

but what about computer games like Max Payne and Tribes 2??? Would I just have to set their in game resoultion as close to 1365x1024 as possible and just pray?? Or is there any way I can get games to run in the G15's native 1365x1024?? Or is there anyway I could just use say 1024x768 (in-game res) and just use the projector's resize funtion so it will fill the entire screen??? I am very confused.

Also, what are the MAIN reasons that the Raedeon chipset is preffered so much over the Geforce3 as far as DVD playback goes....

I'd like to keep my new Asus Geforce3 deluxe, and games will be my first love for this setup:

AMD 1.4Ghz 266 FSB

512MB Corsair PC2100 DDR

120GB HD / 2 IBM 60GXP's with Promise Fastrak100 TX2

Soundblaster Live!

Pioneer 16x DVD Drive

Plextor 24x CDwriter

I'll be buying WinDVD and Dilard etc as well.

Any suggetions for imrovement also???

Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anyone?? Anyone play games on HTPC and projector????
Not all games will do custon resolutions. I know Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament do. It will be hit or miss.
Max Payne supports custom resolutions as well - It makes it real easy as you can select it from a dropdown menu before you actually start the game..

Best to post in the projector forum. The G15 will do many resolutions so you don't have to use the native one. I don't own one so I can't help in detail, but the other forum should be helpful.

Hope that helps some

You will need to download PowerStrip 3 . This will allow you to set up custom resolutions and timings. For the DILA you use 1360x1024 (1.33), 1360x768(1.78), and 1360x580(2.35). All these settings or preconfigured under custom resolutions settings. Welcom to the DILA club.:cool:
Right on!!!

You guys are great!!!

So I could actually have Max Payne use the ENTIRE 1365x1024 resolution of the g15??


Will Powerstrip help me out in respect to games that don't offer custom resolutions? I'm guessing it only works on the desktop resolution, and has not effect on the way a game looks???

I am so damn anxious!!!!

I am also taking many pictures to chronicle my theater creation!!!

Can't wait to show you guys!!!
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Hey King,

As a note of clarification.. PowerStrip allows you to define custom resolutions, but the game will still have to support being run at that custom resolution (1360x768 is common).

If you have a real sticker of a game that you just love, a last resort option would be to play it "squished". Send the projector the normal 1365x1024 full panel image, and let the projector anamorphically compress it to 16:9. You shouldn't need to do that, though.

By the way, if you really want to go nuts on the gaming front...get one of those "Force Feedback" joysticks and mount some Clark 329F transducers under your floor or couch (running off the LFE channel of your amp.) and kick back for some serious widescreen gaming!

I swear, sometimes my guests get more of a kick out of a good shaking during a first-person action game than they get out of a movie in the theater!

Just one of the benefits of an HTPC over dedicated video equipment, I suppose.
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I have read that the G15 has a "resize" function that stretches the image to fill the screen.

Does this mean that if I have a computer hooked up to the G15 that is outputting 640x480 resolution, it will be small square in the center of the screen, and if I use "Resize" it will simply blow up the image to fill the full 4x3 screen?

Thanks Milori, and all else for your helps!!!

King Ryger,

Yes, that's right - but that can cause quite a number of artifacts. The best resolution to run is 1360x1024 .... Failing that, run at 1280x1024 .... That will work fine on the DILA for games that do not support 1360x1024.

(Note: Since graphics cards output in pixel widths divisible by 8, use 1360 or 1368 as the width.)

Now I am getting it....

So what would be the best way to hook up a PS2 or X-Box or Dreamcast or Snes to the G15?

I've heard I can use Dscaler to upscale sources with the PC if I have a TV capture card, my Asus Geforce3 Deluxe has an S-video input, will that do?

What would be the most practical way to connect and scale old-ass sources with the HTPC???

But it "seems" that I want to dedicate my HTPC to games and DVD's only, and have and external scaler like the Quadscan for Console games, especially older sources like my SNES and Sega Saturn, and also my dedicated 486 25mhz crapper, that I use to play my old favorite Sierra PC games, like King's Quest and Space Quest.....that demand plain ol' 640x480 at 256 colors (yes...that old..) So for that I'm not expecting much...... Pretty simple, damn near games with still images!! :)

But if I can do those things with my HTPC............. all the better!!!

I know I'm sad, but that ain't bad.... RIGHT????? :)

And Thanks Mark!!!!

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Well here is what I do with my G15 and my 16:9 screen:

I use Powerstrip for switching all PC resolutions

Going into the 5BNC connector

DVD: 1360x768 (SXGA on G15)

Normal Windows stuff: 1360x768 (SXGA on G15)

PC Games: 1024x768 (XGA1 on G15)

PC Games: 800x600 (SVGA1 on G15)

PC Games: 640x480 (VGA1 on G15)

Going into the 3BNC Component Connector

Dish 6000 HDTV: 1080i signal

Going into the 15pin VGA connector

Dreamcast with VGA Box: 640x480 (480p on G15)

I use Dilard to setup all of the resolutions to fit on my screen right. I think that Dilard is essential. Definitely use the VGA box if you are going to hook up a Dreamcast. It is awesome!!!

I have a laserdisc player and plan on getting all of the newer consoles soon. I feed the laserdisc to my video capture card and use DScaler to deinterlace and scale the image to 1360x768. When I get my PS2, I will send its signal to dScaler too because it doesn't have progressive output.

The GameCube and XBox have progressive out so I will do the same thing to them as I do with the Dreamcast. That will be awesome. I will need to figure out a way to switch the input signal though.

I hope this hasn't been too confusing.

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Not confusing at all!!!

Thanks Cameron, your words cleared up quite a bit for me!!!

Every little bit I learn, the vision of what I want and need to do what I wish grows!!! You guys are Kings!!!!

Now, what would be THE BEST Video capture card for me to purchase??? Anything with component inputs?? I'd like to get a nice little A/V Switcher, so I could hook up all my videogame systems at once, and just switch between them with a button.

I also just purchased a new Sony DD and DTS reciever, it has many many inputs and outputs on the back, but I am worried about signal degradations and niose generated into the Video from being passed through the stereo.

I also am a big fan of Laserdiscs, as I never saw artifacting on any LD I watched, and artifacts, to me, SUCK!!!!

I wanted more from DVD, but it looks like we will have to wait for superbits of every movie, or HD-DVD...

Dream On I suppose!!! :)

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PS2 viewed through Dsaler is pretty nice. As far as capturing, you will need to get a separate card which is compatible with Dscaler. The best source for this info is here on the forums. Also on the dscaler.org there is a card compatibility listing here .

I have the IO Magic PVCR package which I find nice for the svideo input usage. I think you may be able to find one at CompUsa for $40.

Oh and there is a D-ILA Faq on my signature. I know nothing about D-ILA, but it is a great effort from one of the members in that forum.
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