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I have been an HTPC user for a long time. I just upgraded my AVR to a new model which now supports HDMI (my old AVR is pushing 8 years, I have been using it with optical out). I'm having some new user frustrations with getting my HTPC to behave with my new AVR/TV via HDMI. Here are some of my problems I need advice on:

1) HDMI passthrough: When windows 7 detects my AVR, I can set the windows audio mode to 5.1 surround sound. However, with HDMI passthrough enabled, when I turn off my AVR and it passes the signal to my TV; windows 7 detects my TV as stereo (Sharp 650 series). Once I turn back on the AVR, windows 7 does not revert back to 5.1 surround sound and stays in stereo. Not sure what to do here, except disable HDMI passthrough, I dont really need this feature.

2) LPCM over HDMI: When I watch live TV and movies with DTS/DD it gets bitstreamed to the AVR, adjusting the windows volume does nothing. However, when I am in WMC menus/ Youtube / or watching anime with AAC audio, it appears the windows volume adjust does adjust the volume to my AVR. Is this sent via LPCM, and that I can adjust it via windows volume control? On my old AVR with optical, i used FFDshow to convert AAC audio to AC3, this was not ideal as sometimes the audio/lips get out of sync (not to mention FFDshow tends to crash often). I'm just wondering if this is how it's supposed to be, or if I have it setup wrong.

3) PC Monitor Off: I have my PC power settings set so the monitor gets turned off after 10 minutes of inactivity. I've noticed some problems when I turn on the TV & AVR and it decides to set my resolution to 1024x768 (I think this happens when the pc is waking the monitor up). I then proceed to "restart" just the AVR and let it auto detect back to 1080p. I haven't play with this issue yet. I'm thinking if I leave my PC display to "always on" it would resolve this issue? I noticed my AVR has an idle off feature + ARC control, maybe I can let the AVR turn itself and the TV off via ARC...

Any advice for a new HDMI noob would be helpful. All my equipment is relatively new

HTPC: Ivy Bridge HD4000 on Z77

TV: Sharp 650 Series

AVR: Denon X4000

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