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HTPC won't display DVD subtitles

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I am in need of some enlightenment

After endless tinkering I've come to the point where I'm pretty satisfied with my HTPC. Last night I decide to catch up on some DVD's and I put in the Brazilian movie City of God. The English subtitles don't come on (even though I select them). I try playing the movie on PowerDVD 7.3, Media Player Classic, VLC, WMP, and still no subtitles (and in every case the player recognizes the subs but doesn't display them). I then try some other discs and get the same result - no subs. When playing HD-DVD's, however, the subs work fine.

I'm running XP Home SP2. I have tried uninstalling all the codecs and still nothing.

When I boot into Vista, the subs work fine but I would much prefer to have the system work under XP (more support and less clutter - for my taste, anyway).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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obvious question but i have to ask: you have subtitles enabled in every program you are trying to watch the dvd's with in XP, right? sometimes it defaults to no subtitles. just make sure they enabled.

do you have any other subtitle software installed (vobsub, etc)? are they turned off/on?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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