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HTPC + Xbox 360 + Logitech Harmony = Chaos!

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We have had an HTPC for nearly a year now. Within the past few weeks, I finally got it to work with my Logitech Harmony 890! I was stoked...until I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas.

I hooked up the 360 to the HT setup, and when ever we send the command to wake up the PC from the Harmony, the 360 turns on. Anytime we hit the "Green Button" on the Harmony, the 360 turns on yet again (or off). Is there any way to stop this?

I'm assuming the Microsoft MCE remote and the 360 have the same codes to turn on and off. However, is there any way to disable the 360 from receiving these commands? I don't need my 360 on for all of those hours the Media Center is on

The only idea I can think of is if there is a way to NOT use the harmony to power these two devices, and use the logitech dinovo mini to turn on the PC. That code shouldn't turn on the 360, and then I can just use the 360 controller to turn on the system. Do you know if there is a way to accomplish this?

Any help is appreciated!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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