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I just upgraded my home theatre.

I added an RCA DTC-100 HDTV sat reciever and a HTPC running Dscaler to process video. The improvement in picture quality is incredible and I HIGHLEY recommend it. Before I just had S-VIDEO running staight into projector for satellite & dvd and composite cable for my xbox.

(also bought s-video cable for x-box now)

Here is my current setup

HP XB31 (DLP) 1500 lumen, 1800:1 c/ratio projector on 100" screen



DVD+/- RW Drvie

CD-ROM Drive

Ati Radeon 7500 AIW (use this for output to projector)

MSI [email protected] Capture Card (just using until my Fly2000 gets shipped)

DScaler 4.17

PowerDVD (for DVD watching)

Windows XP Professional

20 GB Hard Drive (not enoghh to use as PVR)

XBOX via an S-VIDEO cable

BOSE 10 speaker sound system

RCA DTC-100 HDTV Satellite Reciever

(note: satellite sound output is plugged directly into yamaha receiver via optical cable for best sound. Everything else is through composite.

Total Cost: Under $6000 USD.

I think its a pretty decent setup....I like it :D

But here is my question. Of course just like anyone... i am never satisfied :mad:

I see A LOT of people using TomsMoComp de-interlacer... on my computer it drops frames. But today I have been reading and see that I can try a few things to help with that. i.e. Turn off auto pulldown detections, edit filter setting etc.... I've only played with dscaler for about 1 hr since getting it. I don't have a clue on what the card calibration stuff does. I don't understand it all. I just played with the Video Adjustments settings... that I know! The weired thing is that I never thought TomsMoComp setting looked the best. To me... after trying them all out.... I liked the WEAVER or BOB ones the best. I also put the sharpness filter on 200 (which is MAX). Does this sound right? Should i expect the Fly2000 performance and quality to be much better than the MSI [email protected]?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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