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I decided to finally upgrade to an HDMI-era receiver and purchased the HTR-4065. (This one has 2 optical digital, 2 coax digital, 4 HDMI IN, 1 HDMI Out, and various other inputs of less concern to me) I'm a noobie on using HDMI via a receiver, but lots of experience using digital audio on a receiver.

Let's say I'm utilizing one on more devices with HDMI and plugged them into the HDMI In ports, and then plugged in the HDMI Out to the TV. If I just need audio from an HDMI-connected device, do I need to be tuned to the appropriate HDMI port on the TV? Or can I just tune the receiver to that appropriate HDMI receiver connection? I'd want to be able to say listen to audio from the Apple TV while watching directv, for instance.

With my old receiver it wasn't an issue because audio and video were all separated since the receiver had no HDMI.

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