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Just bought a Yamaha HTR-6250B(Canada @ Best Buy). Upgrade from a vsx-516. These are supposed to be very similar to the rx-v565.

Anyways .. the Canadian Yamaha web page sucks ... doesn't even have this one. The American one has the htr-6250 ( b=black). It talks about frimware update which u can start checking by holding 'Straight' and then pressing 'Standby' .... hmmm ... all that happens is that it turns off!?? Whats up with that.

2nd thing. Sound leveling ala Audyssey/MCAA .. I know it has YAPO but that just seems to be for speaker calibration. Does this thing have anything like the Denon/Pioneer systems??

I am not that unhappy with it so far and its supposed to upscale to 1080p. Haven't found much hard info on its Pros/Cons. But I am thinking of trying the Denon avr-790 ( $100 more than the 6250) to see how well Audyssey will work for me.

I figure that some 50% of my movie watching uses headphones and they Yamaha's Silent Cinema would give it a plus in my books.

So as an all-rounder the 6250 may be kept unless the Audyssey really works that well for me.

Any comments on either component or comparison is welcomed.

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