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HTR6190/rx-v1800 vs TX-SR805

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I'm changing my Onkyo tx-sr605 for a Yamaha HTR6190 (same as RX-V1800) that i got for a good price.

But i can see that the Onkyo is more friendly user than the Yam.

Also the onkyo 605 upscale up to 720p to hdmi, the Yam upscale 480 to 1080p in hdmi, but 1080i when coming from component?? WTF??

I know there is a lot of pages talking about each amp, if i can get an Onkyo tx-sr805 for the same price of the Yam rx-v1800/ htr6190, what would you choose and WHY?

If anybody tested both, it's time to talk, i'll appreciate your knowledge.

thank you.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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