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I had the DTC100 and now the E86. I set them up side by side and this is my opinion of the two from the look to the performance.

Looks and quality:

The DTC100 is a better looking box. It kind of has a retro look to it and at least to me looks like a little art work went into it. Down side to it is can't have anything put on top of it because it's not flat.

The Hughes box is smaller and not bad looking it self. It has the usual satellite look.

No winner here it depends what you like.

I could and have lived with both.


The DTC remote is shaped good but the buttons just don't work fast. RCA needs to figure out how to do remotes. Why they just don't make them like everyone else is beyond me.

The Hughes is nice and small it also has RF and works quickly.

The clear winner here is Hughes.


Depend what TV you have but the Hughes has component built in so it makes it easier for the masses.

The DTC on the other hand has two input for OTA and one for SAT where the Hughes only has one each(while the SAT can be used for OTA also). The DTC's are also gold plated.

The rest of the outputs are the same. I give the slight edge to RCA on this one. If they had only included component connections the fools would have made twice the money. Did they think that people would by only RCA TVs'?


Hughes menus work quickly and are my favorite. My personal opinion is that HUGHES has the best menus of all boxes(this is just personal so don't go crazy on me). They are color coded, work quickly and see through. My only complain would be that the when you put up the guide that it covers the whole screen. If I could fix just one thing it would be that the guide brings up a picture window(that does not scroll the channel while you scroll up and down, like sonys).

RCA menus are nice the do the job and look good, my only complain would be that they are slow(maybe it's the remote). They should put a faster chip in the thing to make it work quicker.

No winner just depends what you like.


Here is the most important thing. This is kind of tuff. Side by side I would have to say that the DTC looks better. But the picture, even though is softer looks to me to show more detail. I have looked at the two over and over trying to figure what is wrong with the Hughes but I can't figure it out. The Hughes has a darker picture by design, but even when I recalibrated my set now to work with the Hughes it seems to be lacking the the details of DTC(but just barely). The picture on the Hughes I believe does not soften the image at all and maybe I'm used to the DTC. I think because of this that on some materials it depends on what you are watching the Hughes is not as forgive as the DTC. On certain images(programs) the Hughes looks better than on the DTC, but when you get a bad source the DTC some how makes up for it by softening it up. Where the Hughes gives it to you the way it is. The HD stuff looks better on the Hughes but overall the DTC fixes some of the compression that DirecTV over does.

Overall I could live with either one of the boxes. I mostly watch movies so the Hughes is good for me. But if you watch everything on DirecTV(like Nick and and some of the other channels) you might want to consider the DTC.

I am thinking about trying to get a HD100 to try a comparison of the three if I can find one locally I will do another post.

Have fun!
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