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Hughes HTL-HD "Signal" Button

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Just hooked up my Hughes HTL-HD to my ReplayTv. Replay seems to understand digital OTA channels if they are not 8-1, 8-2 etc. The Hugehs manual says you can correct the channel numbering by pushing the "Signal" button on the remote. This button doesn't exist. Any ideas or work arounds?
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What page of the manual has this information? If it is referring to the 'signal meter' function, that is the 'pause' key on the lower right corner of the remote control.
What do you mean by 'Replay seems to understand'? Are you trying to make the Replay tune to a 8-1 subchannel? I don't get what 'correct the channel numbering' means, either, unless you mean the 'pause' key (as Chris says) is the - or period button. (But with a Replay, you should be using the Replay remote...)

I've got four Replays and a Sony HD300, about the same as your Hughes, so let me know more, and I'll see what I can figure out!
I believe he is ultimately trying to figure out how to make his ReplayTV command his STB to tune to a digital OTA channel. I would like to do the same (but in my case I have a Samsung TS160). See:

I found out that ReplayTV cannot command subchannels:

So we want to remap our digital stations to channels that don't have subchannels.
Yes! I'm trying to get the Replay to tune the digital channel. For example... the digital channel 8-1 is actually channel 22. Replay sees it as 22, so if I could get the Hughes to list it as 22, I'd be in business.

In the manual.. Page 118

Under "Conflicting digital channel numbers"

"Press the SIGNAL button on the remote control, the physical channel number will be shown.

Press the INFO button on the remote control, the logical channel number will be shown."

Needless to say, there is no "Signal" unless it's the pause...
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You might still be out of luck even if ReplayTV sees the digital channel as 22 because it listed in the guide as 1022 (meaning it thinks it is an OTA channel not a STB channel) so it is going to try to tune to channel 22 on the OTA input of the ReplayTV -- and not command your STB to channel 22.
I think I found the reason for the manual's note. I also own a Zenith HD-SAT520, and the Hughes HTL-HD is an improved version of that receiver. The Hughes manual is a not-too-well re-edited version of the Zenith 520 manual, and this is obviously an error. The Zenith's remote control does have a 'signal' button.
As I was playing with the Fav features of adding/removing channels fromt he guide, I noticed that as you scroll thru the digital channels, 10-1 is listing in the grid as 10-1, but at the top left, where the call sign is shown, it states the actual OTA channel. That's a start but not a solution. It at least proves the Hughes knows the physical number.

The D* installers will be out today to install the HD dish. Maybe they know something... okay, then again...
Like I said, not a clue... I did try an experiment with the Replay and got rid of the OTA antenna feed, leaving only D*. When I entered "10" on the Replay, it changed the Hughes to 10, not 10-1. I had a theory that maybe the Hughes would adjust to 10-1, but no. If I took 10 off the guide, I suppose it would tune to static. Oh the joys.
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