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First thing, I did search but most of what I found didn’t answer my question and was 10 years old.

I have a dehumidifier in my laundry room that usually runs from spring until late summer depending on how much rain we get and it does a good job. Now that my theater space is enclosed my humidity levels might rise in that space. I’m going to pick up a cheap temp/humidity monitor and see where I’m at but I was wondering what most people do? Many have a basement sealed box and if the heat or AC isn’t running but there is humidity like in early-mid spring what do you do?

When the AC is running I’m sure most have returns that help pull the moisture out of the theater and spread it around. My entire basement has never had a return; I do plan to add one in the future at some point.

The only thing I have is a 4” duct attached to an inline fan that goes from the theater to the laundry room and is on a speed control since the fan is loud. I plan on running that overnight when I see the humidity go up in the spring/summer.
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