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Hey, I have a KP-57HW40 57" Rear Projection TV. A few days ago, I was using it, and heard a few popping noises. The green then deformed towards the middle. I have made a few reference images. All three colors, (Red, Green, and Blue, or RGB) line up and can create other colors, such as white.

This is what the image should look like.

This is what it DOES look like.

My parents think that me moving it back and forth out from where it is to unplug and plug stuff in has caused this. Can anyone tell me the actual problem with the TV? Or, better yet, how to fix it? Because I refuse to fix something that I didn't break. I have a Flash FocusTM on the TV, but it runs for a few minutes, then returns to the mess.

Edit: I looked at the Similar Threads, but I seem to be having problems with Green Convergence. The set is about 8 or so years old, (Maybe less). I occasionally would get a blue flicker, but that was very short lived. The set works perfectly, and now, the green is all over the place. Thanks in advance.
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