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Hutch modification for KDL32S2000

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A while back I modified my cabinet for a widescreen set. I had narrowed my choices between the Toshiba CRT and a tiny number of LCDs that I had pre-determined would fit if I removed some wood material from the inside of the cabinet. When I saw that the CRT set was not going to meet my requirements, I decided to concentrate on fitting the LCD. About the same time, Sony introduced the KDL32S2000 which is one of the narrower sets available (the Panasonics, Toshiba and Westinghouse sets also fit). The job was a nasty one, took many hours and made a sawdust mess on the dropcloths (which I was able to clean up successfully). If you do it I'd recommend breathing mask and goggles and seal the components bay so that dust does not get in. I used a Skilsaw, small router, drill rasp bits and some careful measuring, plus three different stains including Golden Oak, early American, Old English. The cutout areas are not seen except at the edges unless the set is swiveled out. I also made an oak shelf which pulls out an inch or two, so the set can sit as far forward as possible without having the base hang over the edge.





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Very nice. I like how the shelf pulls out so the TV is almost flush with the front of the cabinet. Nice job !
Thanks, Randy. Probably if I'd known how much work it would be I might have sold the cabinet and started fresh. But I didn't want to give up the camera case and one thing led to another and another, etc. The LCD TV seems nice enough, still getting used to the features.

On the original post I also wrote that I made a cooling system for the receiver as well as the TV but it seems to have disappeared. I put a fan on the rear inside side of the components, and connected a 5 inch dryer vent to it. Can see part of the duct from it in the 4th pic of the shelf I made. This duct now loops around and is clipped in the "bay" for the TV, behind it out of view, pointing toward the backside of the TV. Air from it washes over the back of the set, forcing heat from the area out of the gaps above and below the TV. It works quite well, and I used a 12v electronics fan powered by a 7v DC transformer, so it runs slower and therefore much quieter. The duct keeps the fan even more quiet. All this took hours to figure and fabricate but it works well as a solution for housing these components. This isn't even my HT area, that's in a separate dedicated room and I'm working on that as well. For this 32 inch set, I have an older surround system which works well enough for this area.
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Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything until you did, but that cabinet doesn't look like it's worth all that trouble, except maybe finding a place to toss it and the time needed to find a replacement.

Nice work, definately. Doesn't look like it will lose any stability, either. Nice choice on TV, too.
Nice work.

In my living room I have an extremely similar cabinet that must be made by the same manufacturer. Once i put a flat screen in that room Im going to take the cabinet straight to the dump and build a nice sleek one for the components, I dont much like it, its overly large I think.
You're right, the cabinet wasn't worth the trouble except factoring in the cost of replacing it as a camera case and the cost of a low hutch for the TV so I just decided to do it. In a way, it prolongs a problem in that I still have to get rid of it eventually! But this problem is solved for now, and I learned a few things.

To Necrolop you can sell the old cabinet for something, unless it's thrashed. I like the idea of building a credenza too, and I've got the skills to do it now. Estimated hours to build: 30-50
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