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I will be soundproofing the space; clips, channel, DD/GG. I had been headed down the dead vent path but am concerned about heat during the winter months as I am located in Western Canada. I had my HVAC guy out today and he is recommending one return with 2 supplies, all hooked into the system. The house does not have A/C. I am obviously concerned about the impact to my soundproofing efforts.

With this in mind I am trying to first deal with a return line that runs into the proposed space, down the centre of the ceiling. The shots below show the space with the return line highlighted with a single red arrow. As the return also services the space directly above it it cannot be removed and completely re-located. The suggestion made was to run it through the joist, into the to-be bulkhead and out the other side to meet another return line. I have highlighted the suggested path in with a series of arrows. I know all of the right angles with decrease the air flow. Do you think this is a viable option or am I better off simply enclosing the existing return with clips/channel/DD/GG and extending the bulkhead out as pictured in the attached rendering (return line in question has been highlighted)? If I go with the suggested re-route I will be unable to insulate that joist. Do you think this would cause a problem or does insulation over that small portion really add much with the treatments I will be using?


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