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I've been trying to get QAM on my new HVR1250 to work with Vista Media Center using the beta plugin. Reading a post by someone who had success w/ the plugin, I decided to uninstall, run hcwclean, and reinstall using that person's step-by-step.

Now, WMC doesn't offer ATSC as an option after selecting antenna (it definitely did before). And, in WinTV, the two QAM channels I found previously are no longer being found.

Did hcwclean do something it shouldn't have? Did my card have incredibly coincidental timing for when the ATSC/QAM failed? Is there some setting I'm missing that happened to work right on it's own the first time I installed?

I've uninstalled and cleaned 2-3 times now. Have completely removed the card. Multiple reboots during the process to make sure it gets all the pieces cleared out that it wants to. I'm using the latest stable CD zip from the support page (4.1a).

I know QAM worked earlier because I was able to watch it in WinTV (but never in WMC). The HD signal looked really nice on my lcd widescreen monitor. Now WinTV finds nothing, even if I make it do the full frequency search.

Oh, and if it might be an indicator of a card problem, the remote barely works... when it does work at all, it will only launch WinTV and then toggle the mute. But even that seems to quit working after a minute or three.

Thanks in advance for any insights that might be offered.
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