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So here goes... Ive had this setup for about 3 months now and everything was working great! everything is hooked up as follows

ps3 to viewsonic VP3D1 to hw-c700 to viewsonic pjd6531w all connected with hdmi

now my problem is the audio stoped working for some reason on ps3 and i went to the setting to set them back up

ps3 audio> selected hdmi> automatique... but i get this message "this hdmi device cannot be use for audio output"... if i go to manual and check off the boxes manualy it somewhat works, meaning i only hear the background noises in movies and no voices, same goes for ps3 games. so thatbeing said if i try and use the optical out on the ps3 to the receiver when i select audio assigne on the remote of the receiver the receiver goes from hdmi1 to opt 1 , i get the sounds perfectly but no video...

now i have tried a few diffrent ways to hook theses up

ps3 to receiver to vp3d1 to projector, that works with the audio but in

multi-ch and i cant use any of the sound feature of my receiver..

has anyone ever experience this or simmilar issues

even when i connet the ps3 directly to the receiver now i still cant assing the audio on the receiver to optical or hdmi without loosing either the video or the audio
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