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I have tried searching here but could not find anything so decided to post. I am running a XBR 65 900F. I wanted to upgrade the sound bar and got a killer deal on an Open Box HW-N850. After connecting it and running HDMI ARC channel into it I connected my PS4 to HDMI 1 on the sound bar and played The Last Jedi. It sounded awesome and ATMOS was being detected as it scrolled across the screen. The issue I am having is the aduio is out of sync while watching video on the TV. Cable and any streaming from the TV. Basically anything that is being fed thru the ARC channel back to the sound bar. I have changed these setting on the TV
Sound mode Sync ON
A/V sync ON
in the Sound Settings

and in Bravia Sync settings
Device auto power off ON
TV auto power on ON

This helped it a bit. The sound bar did not come with a remote so I ordered one and will try to adjust the sound bar this weekend. I was able to flip thru the settings on the sound bar and saw that sync was set to 300 but I can't adjust it with out the remote.

I searched the web and there have been people with issues like this but that was with Samsung TV's and I could not find a resolution.

Do you guys have any thoughts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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