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Just got done watching this and gotta say, a very B rated kinda movie.

Its about an alien that lives inside cars. It can change from car to car and NO nothing like Transformers or anything close. Its a large snake like alien. Anyways, the car gets stuck in a car garage after a wreck and the alien kills a guy. Then all the workers realize WOW this cars some kinda alien and they go off trying to trap and kill it.. LAME..
The entire movie takes place in the garage and the whole time they try and get it.

Not gonna mention more of the plot because it would give it away for those that may like B rated movies and wanna watch this. Dunno why but I actually set through this all. The 3D was alright, nothing to say Woo Hoo over though.

The best part of the movie is the begining with the girl in a bra and panties. The rest was kinda bleah.

Here is the trailer, Hybrid 3D - On DVD and Blu-Ray - YouTube
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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