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I recently installed my Macbook to my Hyundai plasma 42" tv with 1 HDMI (m-f) extension cable + HDMI (m) to Digital RGB (m).

Then I used Audio out of my mac with a small jack (m-f) extension cable connected with a jack (m) to 2 RCA's (m) witch in turn are connected to a pioneer SX-339 stereo receiver.


For some reason I'm getting a pretty loud buzzing sound but when I don't use the small jack (m-f) extension cable, it will still buzz but the buzz will be pretty much unhearable (will only be hearable at +- max volume) . But I really need to extend that cable (Jack-RCA) because it has to go to the other side of the room so how can I get rid of the buzzing sound?


Thanks In regards,


Sem Hamblok
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