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I am the only one who has

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Cerwin vega's, I have E310 with matching center and surrounds.

I thought they sounded good but after reading here i am doubting myself, Are they that bad ? what would i gain by going to something like the polk monitor 50"s

Anybody else use vegas ?
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I dont like cv, not being a polk fan, I have no idea what you would gain by going with them. I can tell you that would see a massive improvement with a bout a half a dozen other products in that price range
Granted I haven't heard those exact ones, but having heard plenty of CV's I can guess they have overblown bass that doesn't really extend all that low ... and grating, harsh tweeters.

If you don't mind improving your system (and spending money) then start looking for replacements. But if you don't want to spend money you're best off not looking at anything new :)
yep too much bass in the ones i heard, i dont remember the model number. This is not about me. you said you like your speakers. thats what matters. the speakers i have a lot of people would probably classify as junk but those are what i like and what i listen to.

If you are unsatisfied with what you are listening to then go out and listen to some. dont think about name brands. you are not listening to the name. take some music with you and listen to some speakers. when you hear something you like ask what brand they are and write it down. its a good way to start.

And i cant say this enough. Its all about you. hope it helps. oh yeah and have fun.
I have a cerwin vega center channel. Goes good with my Insignias.
What is your budget? I'd never trade my Axioms. :)
I loved CV back in the mid 70s! Of course, back then I was cranking Led Zep, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, etc - oh wait, I'm still doing that... :p

Either my tastes have changed, or CV has gotten really [email protected] - I remember the old school CVs being much more defined in the midrange and highs than the CV boom boxes I have heard recently. Sure, the old CVs were also bass heavy, but (at least in my fond memories) they also used to have more than just that bass.
I think it is unfortunate a guy becomes unhappy with his speakers only because he read posts on a forum.

You could probably find some forums out there where people think the speakers you own are great.

Remember you are just reading opinions same as you have. Many people will tell you your speakers are junk even though they never heard them.
I had the Cerwin Vega V-6F with the V-5 Center. They are good speakers, but I gave them away when I upgraded. Enjoy what you have, because no matter what you own there will always be something better and newer.
If you read any of the classic Cerwin Vega magazine ads, they were always about how loud they could play. Quality was often not even mentioned.
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