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I am thinking of getting a Wintv-D...Am I nuts?

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Hi everyone here is the situation. I have a 800x600 projector, and I am looking to build a HTPC for it. I want a better then analog video quality for my projector--So have started to think of getting a HDTV card. Now seeing that my projector is only 800x600, I am thinking that Wintv-D's 720x480 with d-scale(I take it, its outputs widescreen) Is as good as its going to get resolution wise. Am I correct or should I go for are real HD card?
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Driver support is said to be flakey. You might want to consider that $160 software only card that has a thread floating around here. Benefits are you get a current product rather than one that was end-of-lifed two years ago and you use your video card to display thus exactly matching your projector's resolution which usually looks a lot better than coming "close" and then letting your projector scale the signal.
Yes, you're nuts. :D

The software of the WinTV-D is pretty junky especially if you want to do things like record ATSC streams to disk. Also, I think a true HD picture scaled down to 800x600p will look better than a deinterlaced 480i picture scaled up (which is what you would get with the WinTV-D).

The Fusion card is one way to go if price is an overriding factor, but based on early feedback there are still quite a few bugs to be worked out and you need a pretty powerful machine for software playback. One of the more mature Janus-based hardware cards might be a better option if you can swing the price (HiDTV Pro or MyHD would be my recommendation).
Right now my goal is an HTPC for about $300-$350, so those hardware HD cards are a real budget killer for me!

I am plaining on a system along these lines

Celeron 1.7


40GB harddrive

Radeon 7000

My main thought for the wintv-d Is that since most digital tv (I am told) is wide screen, getting a real hd card is a waste because the 16:9 area on my projector is only 800x450. I already have a pvr so I just need the tuner functioanllity on my htpc. My current idea (note just idea) is to have 2 capture cards, one the Wintv-d just for digital tv reception, and a second standard one for my satellite pvr and analog cable reception--both would be fed though dscale. I'm a newbe with HTPC so please feel free to talk sone sence into me!
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