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i am totally new to HT and need help

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I didn't know thta i couldn't post links before 5 post so my first post got erased and now i have to type it again!!!!!!

1st system

Harman/kardon AVR 130

Bose AM 6 III

2nd system

Yahama RXV1400

Bose VCS10 center speaker

Bose 201 Series V B

Rear speakers were included in the house and assume they are good

Velodyne DLS-3500

now i can return any and all of the speakers/receiver i need to so please help me out...

bought all this stuff without coming to avsforum... didn't even know there was something like this... so any help is appericated.....


thinking of getting HSU STF-2
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Please , no mention of price or sales links.

Thank you!
You will find that a lot of folks here will tell you to run back and ditch the Bose. I agree.

Check out Paradigm.
Bose isn't necessarily bad - you might like the sound (I don't). They're just way overpriced. Return what you can and start doing some listening. Visit stores like Tweeters or a local audio store. For what you paid for the Bose you should be able to afford something really decent.

Also, for this don't shop at a box store like Best Buy. You can't do any listening in a cavern like that. You need to be in a dedicated demo room that is something close to the size of your room.

Good luck!
dilvala -

Bose is what it is. So is Paradigm and many other brands mentioned here. Great names, for sure, but not the greatest speakers.

I am not being critical, here, just trying to point out what these speakers are. They are moderate quality speakers that use mid-fi drivers and are designed for the consumer market. Most popular brands fall into this category. These are marketing companies, not high-performance audio manufacturers.

Unfortunately, truly great speakers selling at retail are astronomically priced.

The solution can be found in DIY designs. You can build them or have them built for you. There are designs available that will equal the best you can buy at retail - regardless of cost. And the cost is about 1/2 of comparable performance at retail.

Which means you will get twice the speaker for your money with DIY designs.

There are a number of threads in the Do-It-Yourself section dealing with DIY designs.

Forget all the other components and concentrate on the speakers. They are the weakest link by such a wide margin that other component quality becomes irrelevant. Great speakers coupled with moderately priced source equipment (payers, recievers, etc.) will far outperform great source equipment with mid-fi retail speakers.

And DIY designs put great speakers within your grasp.

- Jim
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Assuming mid-level pricing ($400 - $1,200) many here recommend...

For receivers: b&k, harmon kardon, yamaha, denon, onkyo, pioneer.

For speakers: PSB, Paradigm, B&W, M&K, Polk, Klipsch, Infinity

Subs: Velodyne, HSU, SVS or the sub that goes with your speakers.
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