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"I was buy a htpc like processor and I need help"

I Know the numbers for search the pixel perfection

----Pixel Clock: 116.052 MHz


--------Scan Rate 63.625 KHz

--------Active 1360

--------Front Porch 104

--------Sync Width 144

--------Back Porch 216

--------Total 1824


--------Refresh Rate 60.024 Hz

--------Active 768

--------Front Porch 129

--------Sync 3

--------Back Porch 160

--------Total 1060

On the PLV-60:

----Fine Sync 35

----Total Dots 1824

----Horiz 364

----Vert 167

----Total Lines 1060

----Clamp 0

----Disp Area H 1360

----Disp Area V 768

With this numbers i have best reolution and more acurates edges and more detaill.

this perfect

but the colors I think than is very worse than component input from pal not progresive dvd player.

Less natural colors,less contrast,bad blaks,worse whites.

And I try config the colors in the ati first and the powerdvd second but i do not find the right point.

If I find the resolution of htpc and the colors of component input I will more close of cinema but I will work a lot of time in the config in the controls of htpc and the plv-60 until today I do not have a picture than I am satisfaid.

Help me if you know the solucion if all the people than have htpc achieve the best picture, what i make bad.


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Dear Javier,

Go to the words "AVS Forum" and click on it. Then you can scroll down and find HTPC Forum. Those guys will be able to help you. Some of them hang around here, too, but they like to post these kinds of answers over there so they don't have to search for previous answers all over AVS.

Good luck!

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I have a HTPC driving a PLV-60HT also. It's a tulatin 1.2ghz processor, 512mg RAM, a ATI 7500 Radeon video card.

I was blown out of the water by the impact of different ATI driver versions, more than anything else. I purchased a VGA cable from bettercables just because eveyone in this forum highly recommended it (not sure if I can say that) but with different drives it would switch between incredibly vibrant reds to dull boring reds.

Also I had better luck with PQ using PowerDVD than TheatreTek, even though everyone in the forum recommends TheatreTek.

One time I had my girlfriend give me an unbiased opinion on PQ from a standalone Sony DVD and the HTPC and even she noticed a substantial difference.

Good Luck and let me know if you have anymore questions. I was very dissapointed in the begining, after spending so much money on a dedicated HTPC and the pictured was terrible. Stick with it. I have had many people staring in awe at my screen!

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slickrock22 thanks by your


I got the same impression as you the first time and I was of bad humour for

spend money and add a junk and my equipment.

Yesterday I spend a lot of time to htpc and I belive than I obtain a important improve in the image.

I got now a image very best saturated and the blaks are like without htpc or best.

Althoug with the whites I got doubt.

I have to polish the picture more even.

The detail is 100 to 1 win for htpc.

Let me Know the numbers than you got in the colors an contrast settings of your ati and your powerdvd for testing in my config.

regards and thanks by you help.
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