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i can smell something burning from my amplifier

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Please help me guys!!!

There is a so called power/elctrical shortage or shock in my home for abut 2 secs when i was listening to my music.

When my power is back, i turn on my amplifier and i can smell bit of

burning inside my amp.. i quickly shut my amp.

When i turn on my amp,

the power led is on but when i play music... i can;t hear anything..

What is being burned? Im using audiolab 8000A stero amplifier.. I was

told this amp for power protection.. what the hell is going on? What

to repair normaiillly and how much it cost to repair?
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unplug the power cord

open up the top cover and identify which component(s) showing sign of burn (this may be unnecessary if you are going to do the next suggested step)

take the amp to qualified electrician or back to factory they will give you a quote

unless you like to diy
Here is a link to show u.. u need to save it and use the magnifiying glass to see my drawings.

no1: it is burned ... that small tiny thing .. i dont know what u called it... its like a fat worm or someything.....

h t t p:// yakuzaer.bravehost.com/audiolab1.jpg
A resistor. It's probably burned because a semi-conductor failed. Likely from the power surge. You need a repair guy.
Where do you live? Maybe someone here that can solder would be nice enough to take a look at it.
resistor? is it hard to find it?

how expensive is resistor?

do i need a brand for resistor?

why audiolab which uinclude power protection failed to do its job ?

this is such a sad day for me

u think my amp can be repaired easily? why didnt the fuse blow? why didnt the power supply blow? why must small worm resistor blown off?
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resistors are a few cents a piece, but I wonder if that's the only thing that burned. You can find resistors at Radio Shack or www.mouser.com or www.digikey.com or www.arrow.com to name just a few.
Alas parts can fail in the best built amps. I had this happen with a Coda built Innersound 3 channel amp and it fried my rear speakers. Innersound agreed to pay half the cost of the speaker repair (amp was under warranty), so I give them credit for that. Power surges can damage any electrical component not connected to a good surge protector. Amps do not come with built-in power surge protection - they have fuses or other shut-down devices that operate when the amp is overdriven. I suggest you send the amp to the manufacturer for repair and when you get it back connect it to a decent surge protector (Panamax, Monster, Tripp-Lite, etc.).
The worm thing is a resistor. But resistors themselves never fail. Something else failed that caused too much current through the resistor, burning it. No way to know what the real problem is without testing. Don't be so foolish as to try to do anything yourself, or let your buddies play with it.
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