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I can't figure out how to . . .

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I have a Panny eh75 and all is working well, but there is still the odd time when I want to record on timer on VHS. I can't figure out how. TVGOS and manual scheduling both only offer the options of HDD or DVD. I haven't explored VCR Plus, but I'm not sure I can even find the codes for the programs once I set that up. There's certainly no way for Start Time, End Time, etc.

Have I missed something?

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No, it doesn't look like you've missed anything. According to the manual, you can schedule a timer recording only to DVD or HDD. The sections on manual and TVGOS timer recording do not include the "VHS" indicator. Even the "VCR Plus" system records only to DVD or HDD.

You'll have to record to HDD (or DVD) first, then copy to VHS (in real time, of course) using either the copy navigator or the 'advanced copy' mode.
jtbell is correct. The only way to record on VHS is to do a manual recording (see page 29). Timer recordings cannot be made on VHS.
That's pretty asinine. Why even include the VCR if it can't function like any old standalone VCR?

Maybe try to find one of those old, "VCR Programmers".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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