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I need a stand for my Sharp Aquos 42" LC42D62U.

I've checked the TV thread, I've checked Racksandstands with their product narrowing features but haven't come up with anything to this spec.

I need a stand that:

1. has open air shelving

2. has two shelves to hold an HTPC and a receiver

3. is 20" tall or less.

4. is under 40" wide

5. has preferably a trapezoidal shape (to fit in a tight space)

6. has casters

7. is under $300

An almost perfect (and beautiful) stand is TransDeco TD117B. Unfortunately I think 21" is too tall for comfortable viewing with my particular LCD model.

Any small chance anyone knows of a stand that meets these requirements?

I could go with closed shelving, but do you think a receiver which has ventilation on top would overheat in such an enclosure? I can cut a hole in the back for the HTPC's fan exhaust.

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Hard to find that specific of a stand, but this is the one we just bought for a 46" LCD set...

had a 40" on it for a while until it was returned and it was okay then too.

The stand is obviously taller than you wanted, but it doesn't look bad with a TV on it.


It has open shelving, two middle shelves, fits in a corner well because it's trapezoidal

shaped (which is hard to find we discovered)... but, it doesn't have casters, it's taller than

you wanted, and it's pricey.

Because of that... and something I wish I had done... just build it yourself to your specs.

This stand is very well put together as it should be for the price, but it's just chunky wood...

modern lines, no ornate details. I seriously could have built it myself without too much

trouble, but at the time didn't think about since we were buying everything together at once.

Anyway, the only way I think you're going to meet all your needs is to build it yourself.

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Originally Posted by StinDaWg /forum/post/0

I got this cheap one from target and I like it.. fits my 42" perfectly.

Stindawg can you measure the distance from the top shelf to the middle shelf. I want to see if the middle shelf would accomodate my center channel speaker.

Vinnie: search 249-05-0035 on target.com

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For some reason I feel that the worst thing in the world would be to have to lift one's head to watch TV.

I think I will go with the "Elite EL146S 36" TV Stand on Casters" for $100 and cut holes in the back for ventilation and remvoe the glass doors. Judging by the custom stands people built, a receiver or a cable box doesn't need much head room for ventilation because I see they can be fit into relatively tight shelving space.

Building a custom stand, however, is something people like myself have neither the skill nor the patience required. Thanks for the suggestions, though.
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