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I can't take this Flashlighting/Clouding Anymore. GoodBye Samsung...?

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I cannot take the clouding/flashlight anymore. I have a Sammy UN46c6400. I'm done with Edge Lit. Seems like all displays with this is inherent with these issues. This was a love/hate relation that unfortunately has to end. In the day, picture was great. The TV design and looks are very attractive. I really like how the menu layout and settings are designed too, good control. Also has very good connectivity, DLNA etcc..

But every time in the night it was the horrible clouding and flashlighting and I said NO MORE.

I hate to say goodbye to this set because I love everything about it except night viewing, and that's when I see TV most of the time.

Now I'm in the hunt for the perfect TV. I know there isn't one, but it MUST not have flashlighting or clouding, if possible. Budget is ~$1,200.

I' contemplating the Vizio XVT3d474sv.

Any advice? I appreciate your help
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If you don't want fl or clouding at that price point buy a plasma
^ I might be open to plasmas. Wich model you suggest?
I'm in the market for a "daylight only" set myself. How much for your sammy?

Send me a pm if you'd rather.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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