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I found an RP62 -- does it have the Faroudja chip set?

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I found a store that has 3 Panasonic RP62 DVD players -- I'm trying to find out if they have the Faroudja chip in them or not...

The serial number has a "B" in it, the manufacture date is October 2002, so I thought they don't have the Farouda chip. But then I also thought someone said that all the black ones did have the chip, it is only the silver ones where some did and some didn't. Why is the world so complicated?

So, this is a black RP62 (no letter following the 62, it just says on the box and player "Rp62").

Serial number:


manufacture date October 2002.

Anyone know for sure if it has the chip?
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I remember researching this before buying my RP-62. Yes, it has the Sage/Faroudja FLI2200 chipset.

From a fairly reliable source ;)
Secrets of home theater Q&A

AFAIK, there is no difference in deinterlacing chips b/w the black (RP62K) and the silver (RP62S) models.
Are you saying that *all* the black ones have the Faroudja chip, regardless of when they are made?

Is that true for the silver ones too?

Because I've heard a few times that the earlier RP62's did indeed have the chip, but then toward the end of the run, they stopped using the chip (and you could tell because it had a "B" in the serial number). Is this something you're aware of?
Oops - sorry, I didn't read your question carefully enough re: change in the production cycle. You're right, not all the black ones have the FLI2200 chip.

I'm no authority, but I've commonly read that the "B" in the serial number for black units means that you're out of luck. Units that came out before November 2002 without "B" in the serial number were supposed to be OK - even then, skeptical folks were opening up their players to check the chip on the bottom circuit board.

Anyone else can verify?
If you buy one, you can ***easily*** check without having to remove circuit boards and such. I opened mine up the other day to settle once and for all whether or not it had the Sage FL2200 chip or not, and I couldnt get the daughterboard off... soooo what i did was shine a flashlight through the holes in the side of the chassis, underneath the board, and sure enough I was able to see the Sage logo and the FL2200 (or whatever it is) on the chip. So, if you can return the unit, I would buy one and carefully open it to check. It's the only way to be certain...
Just play the waving flag sequence on the Video Essentials DVD - if there are no jaggies you have the DCDi from the Faroudja, if jaggies you don't have a Faroudja.
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