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I got an X1 component to s-video adapter !

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Ok, my experience was not life altering, but what I did notice was an improvement in colour. Clarity appeared about the same, but colour was abit better, hard to quantify, but maybe 5-10%.

Obviouslly my ps2 quality is a lot better in component vs composite. Everything is better.

I already had everything ready for component, so it was a toss up between spending $40 (Oz) on an ps2 svideo cable (already had a component cable) and running everything svideo or spending $50 and running eveything in component. So in my situation it was well worth it.

Anyone else with similar experiences?
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As I stated in an ealier post, I too tried the Comp to S video adapter and had better results from my DVD player.
I jjst wish i could fix my screen door issues. I tried the defocus, but that loses sharpness. I did however find screen door less noticable when zooming to the smallest image possible. I might try that and move the projector further back.
I think you'll find that the screendoor is dependent on the image size relative to your seating distance. If you make the image smaller or sit further back you'll get less screendoor. But if you zoom out to a smaller image and then move the projector back so that the image is the same size as it originally was, I don't think you'll see any improvement.
Hmmm, well I only really see that on bright white areas. My screen is only 84 inches diagonal so I dont see it that much but it doesn't bother me. It's like each little square is perfect, generating a perfect picture.:)
well I only see it on bright scenes too, mainly white. But now I see it, I get distracted. Funny though, I see it the most when I turn the X1 menu on.
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