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I gots' the De-Interlacing blues

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Let me start off by saying that I have never had this problem previously.

During motion scenes of CSI-Miami I noticed deinterlacing artifacts all over the screen (especially moving objects) fire, water, vehicles.

tried different filters and cpu never goes above 35% usage but lines are all over the place.

I have reinstalled video drivers, rolled back drivers, tried diff filters,

What are my other options beside reformat?

athlon 2500, radeon 9600, xp sp2,

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No one can tell you anything useful unless you tell us what viewing software you're using.
Thats a pretty general reply. I would love to know what equipment your using before.

Mocomp 2 with dscaler ffdshow worked best, the problem seems to be ffdshow builds itself, one ffdshow build would work great with mocomp2 except when commercials and other things would come up and the deinterlacing would stop working, another build would just not work at all. I did see however when mocomp2 and ffdshow were working, things looked great.
I have tried PowerDvd6, Dscaler5, Nvidia, w/ Zoomplayer. The setup has been working fine for at least 6 months.

Problems started right around the time I installed Quicktime.

DXVA turned on, Deinterlacing method - Auto, Hardware acceleration selected.

I have been using the same equipment for over a year.
ran a registry cleaner and problem solved!
Originally posted by bullgates
ran a registry cleaner and problem solved!
i've had the same problem for a while now, as described in this thread:


wow, i'm glad your problem was fixed!

what registry cleaner did you run?

how could a registry cleaner possibly fix this problem?

what in the registry do you think could have been "cleaned"?

i've done clean reinstalls of everything from the OS up.

do you still thing the registry cleaner might help me?

looking at the sample pictures in the above thread, can you confirm that you had the same symptoms as i do?
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my problem was isolated more to certain spots (fire, water, moving vehicle) ......... I was surprised at the number of problems it found. Triedd some other reg cleaners and they did nothing and found very little , this one found 400+ errors.

best of luck
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