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I had heard a number of weeks ago, Eddy and the Cruisers were out, Where?

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Back in 1983 we were rocking to a movie called "Eddie and The Cruisers" starring Michael Pare, Tom Beringer and Joe Pantalino (Cipher in The Matrix).

I heard it was out on DVD, but I can't find anyone selling it. I tried the usual sources such at walmart.com but no luck, It has to be bought online or mail order. As you all or most know I am disabled and can't go out and buy it. Anyone know of a reliable source to buy the elusive DVD to add to my collection.

The only way I can see a movie is by buying it, I like all of you prefer DVD widescreen. Anybody out there that can help old hob find his movie? In less than 4 months I will be 55 years old, when I had my career ending T.T. road accident I was a young in years 38.
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I picked it up at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. I just checked and it is available through their web site.
Sorry about the typo, strange, considering I was the first person in my neighborhood to actually use the word! let's try again... A n a m o r p h i c
I too am a huge fan of this movie and when I saw your post, I decided to go over to amazon.com and see if they had it ...well they have it, but I read a review from one of amazon's customers and I found this little nugget within ....

"First and foremost, it is NOT in the widescreen format, despite what the packaging says. I repeat, THIS IS NOT IN THE WIDESCREEN FORMAT. This is the pan and scan, or full-screen version, with black bars superimposed over it. I ran the DVD simultaneously with the VHS version, freezing frames and comparing. Call me obsessive, but I had to make sure. It was so obvious. Things at the top and bottom of the screen on the VHS version were covered by the bars on the DVD, while the sides of the screen yielded very little extra, if anything, on this so-called widescreen version. As far as the picture itself, the DVD does produce a better quality of this movie than I've ever seen before. However, that's the only plus. Since it is not in widescreen, the only extra is one theatrical trailer. No wonder MGM is selling this at below cost. A disgrace and a scam. Unless you just absolutely, positively have to have this movie on DVD, don't waste your money. "

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing???? This sounds like a total scam .... can anyone else verify this to be true?? I'm not going to buy it until I found out for sure ....
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Crow the DVD viewer must have had a few too many while doing his comparison IMO.

The amazon.com viewer said on a cut, copy, and paste "'Things at the top and bottom of the screen on the VHS version were covered by the 'bars' on the DVD"

Amazon details has the movie as a 1:85:1

On a HDTV it would be fill the entire 16 X 9 Screen! If the viewer 'seen' black bars he was viewing it on a standard TV, not a HDTV wide screen. There is no other way around it IMHO! Am I wrong about this, if so in what respects?

The Scotti Bros. of California were responsible for getting the Dolby Stereo for this and the second "Eddie Lives" and his group 'Rock Solid'.
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Is the film (when presented full screen)- open matte???

The shining and eyes wide shut on video are presented at 1.33:1, but in the theater they are presented 1.85:1. The home video versions do not lose any picture, rather the bars in the theater are "opened" and removed- restoring the covered space.

The problem with open matte framing is that it leaves shots misframed with a lot of dead space at the top and bottom of the screen.
brunsiv when you corrected me in the car chase thread I was polite and thanked you for giving me the correct movie. In your response to Crow is this what is known as enhancement for 16 X 9? What I have now read at multiple web sites is that the disc is presented in 1.85:1 and enhanced for 16 X 9 viewing. Would that be a correct assumption, If not could you please add your comment.

I bumped the post up because all of the participants only gave me one play to purchase that was Best Buy. Webtv/Msntv outdated platform will not allow me to purchase anything off of their website. I have checked with my usual place I buy walmart.com but they don't have the disc for sale.

Open matte and 16x9 don't really have anything to do with each other. If this film was "soft matted", which means it was shot full frame and then the top and bottom were masked when it was projected in the theater, then for a 4x3 home video presentation they can simply remove the black bars instead of pan & scanning it. While it may sound nice to get more picture, the film maker often takes this black area in to account when shooting the film, so when it is opened up it may reveal boom mics, or parts of special effects shots that weren't finished.

Most likely the DVD is presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio, and the tape is presented in an "open matte" format actually revealing more picture than may have been intended when the movie was shot.

I am confused with your post.

1. What does my correction of your post on another thread have to do with this?

2. i think my post as well as joekun's post help clarify the point

(how open matte and 16:9 dont have anything to do with one another)

Clarify your post and i will respond.

Ps- Feel better (i read in another post you have pneumonia)
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Brunsiv no need to answer, jokuns post was not on the board, when I asked what you thought of my assumption. Yes I'm allowed about 2 hours online, the rest of the day I must retire to my bedroom. I am bored with the time in bed there is no TV.

I must say I am glad it was pneumonia, rather than Osamsa bin ladens antrax!

I owe my health to a physician called Alexander Fleming, I looked that up on one of the medical websites. He was the doctor who came up with the pneumonia cure called penecillin. Thanks to all posters for help and kind words on my illness.:)
Hey Hob, I sure hope you can watch DVDs while you are resting up :)

Get better soon
I am getting there it's not like a common cold, penecillin oddly was enough for me.

I say oddly as most strains today are not

killed off by normal penecillin, I got it through the outdated water system where I buy my bottled water.

They lost customer(s) I will stick to major brands from now on, at least they will keep up their filtration systems.
Thanks Joe!

That makes the most sense. For $10 I think I'll splurge ... Eddie is a classic.
So is that 1957 Chevy convertable that Eddie and the groups manager used when terrorizing Joanne Carlino. The 'word man' got him, gave him the tapes and then went inside to fall back in love with Joanne.

Eddie keys in hand with a beard in the windows 'reflextion' on his way to Canada to work as a building painter until a Irish Mist to the 'sax' player brought him back to music via the kids guitar, and the band called Rock Solid. I hope we get to see that on DVD also, for us Eddie Lives and always will.:)
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