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brand new NX PRO 830i 8" 3 way in ceiling speaker.

$50- exactly half of what i paid for pair (after shipping and tax). you will need a single if you are doing 5.1 or 7.1 and they only sell them in pairs.

high end in ceiling speaker.. look at the stats below...you wont find anything comparable in the price range. I have already installed these in several houses and the customers are blown away- they think they are audiophile level speakers.

•Pivoting 1" fluid cooled, high tenacity teteron dome tweeter

•2.5" metallic anodized polycarbonate cone midrange

•Metallic anodized graphite filled RCT cone woofer

•Micro switches allow adjustments to better match room acoustics

•Reduced resonance, minimum diffraction, baffle housing

•Corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum grille

•Speaker dimensions 10.75" x 4" deep

•Cut out size: 9.5"

•Frequency response: 35Hz-22kHz; 90dB sensitivity

•Optimized 12dB electro-acoustic crossover utilizing Mylar® capacitors, air core inductors and gold input terminals

•MSRP: $349.95 / pair

The NXG Pro Series is the top of the NXG line and delivers uncompromising audiophile-level performance.

Developed using state of the art materials, hand selected components and countless hours of listening, the Pro Series raises the bar setting a new reference standard for high performance architectural speaker systems.

The advanced baffle design of the Pro Series speakers reduces distortion and improves off-axis response. Innovative drivers, crossovers and RCT (Radiative Cone Technology) yield a high performance architectural speaker system that delivers superior resolution and outstanding overall sonic accuracy.

• Rich, dark ruby woofer cone with molded radiant texture design for uncompromising tonal quality

• Mid and tweeter bridge design with pivoting tweeters

• Baffle mounted micro switches allow speakers to be adjusted to better match room acoustics

• May be painted to match any décor
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