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After reading various threads in the HTIB forums, I realized that what I need is a Bluray-ready system. I currently own the Z-2300 and tired of its 2.1 sound. I need a 5.1 to take advantage of my PS3 / Bluray movies.

What are the best mid and high-end HTIB blu-ray ready? I dont really want to buy a HTIB with bluray player since ill be using my PS3 as my main one .

below is what I typed before reading through various threads


I own a PS3, 50" G15 Viera (same as the G10 except slim version), and a Logitech 2.1 Z-2300.

I'm in need of a 5.1 setup.

After a bit of research, it seems like all the other quality speakers need a receiver. The noted product is the Samsung HT-BD1250 5.1 BluRay Home Theatre In A Box

First off, I already have a Blu-ray player. I specifically bought a PS3 to watch movies, not just any type of movies; Bluray movies to be specific. I only own one game for the PS3, MGS 4 and planning to own another game God of War 3. Thats it.

The only logical solutution is the Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers. This does not include a receiver. It does include a Optical Fiber SPDIF Input. I can connect that to my G15 (which as a Optical Output).

The problem is that based on my research, the Z-5500 has the same exact quality as the Z-2300 except that it is 5.1 instead of a 2.1. This is a very BIG problem. I am going to be spending $400 on a speaker system that has the same exact quality as something I have (which is b-class) when I could be spending that money on something better like that Samsung.

The dilemma here is that by buying the Samsung, my PS3 is pretty much obsolete. Sure I have some games for it but again my PS3's main purpose was to watch Bluray movies.

Any tips or ideas?

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For $450 I got a Sony STR-DH700 and Polk RM6750 5.1 Speaker set and I am golden

z5500 are good for computer 5.1 set-ups but not for home theater setups

The z5500 doe have a "reciever" all you technically need todo is run the optical cable out from the PS3 to the Control unit of z5500 it has an optical port. However you will only get Dolby Digital 5.1 and NOT the Dolby TrueHD or DTS-MA HD audio that is the sole reason I buy Blu-rays for.

Find a reciever that accepted HDMI audio(the cheaper onkyo's and Denon's do NOT accept HDMI audio) and then you can get a 5.1 speaker set and go from there
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