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I really need some help

I have a three Camcorders. Im going to Film a project(DVD disc) and i will use any my camcordes. So i have to know which camcordes are best.? Which have a best quality?

Here are my camcorders.

Sony DCR-PD100

Sony DCR-PC109:


PS: Sorry i can´t send URL to reveiw of these cameras because this i my first post. And sorry for my bad english

Thank you

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HDD standard def camcorders are not very good. The low bit rate MPEG 2 compression is awful! So rule out the JVC

Now it's down to the two Sonys. I am not familiar with the PC-109, but according to specs it has a single 1/5'' CCD - probably Advanced HAD technology, which was better in low light than its predecessors.

The PD-100 I am very familiar with, as I had a TRV900. The PD-100 has the XLR input (to attach to hot shoe), and the DVCAM recording.. It has 3x 1/4'' CCDs which are great in well lit environments, but very grainy if it's a little dark. I would say use the PD-100, and have good lighting. Whether it be outside in daylight, or lots of lights indoors (especially 3 point lighting kit).

If I were you, I would put all 3 cameras on EBAY, and buy a Sony HDR-XR500v.
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