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Hey there!

I've been wanting to buy a camera for some time now, but I have very, very little knowledge of camera's, so i have no idea which one to buy, nor do I have ANY idea for what I'm supposed to look for.

What I intend to use it for is:

- recording my dancecrew and putting the videos on youtube and DvDs

- vlogging

- on holiday

- everyday footage I could use for some art projects

Now I'm not looking for the highest quality in resolution, or the best sound quality. I'm looking for something that'll just allow me to do those things without any problems.

It would however be nice to have one with an internal memory. Size and appearance don't matter to me.

I've also heard something about HD-ready? I'm not sure if I have to consider that.

Also, my budget is 300 euro's (not sure how much that is in dollars.)

So, in short, best quality/prize, what I should buy, what I should look out for, etc.

Thanks a lot!
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