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I just have to show this

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I made 2 of these out of a newegg boxes and 2 horn loaded 3" drivers, on the top of them are aperion 422's. I'll tell you something it sounds awesome, i can't believe my ears and there imaging pretty well....go figure. What do yo guys think?

...ps this is what happens when your bored, and have a box, speakers, and duct tape

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not sure i understand your post. you made some subs out of cardboard and duct tape?
that's dope son.
WHat are they tuned to?
Probably one of the best builds I've seen in quite some time.

If you don't mind me asking, how much was the duct tape veneer and how hard is it to install?

Also, sorry for the newbie question, but did you use a permanent marker for the lettering? If so, does it really give a +3db increase per pair of drivers? Or should we save our money and use regular markers.

Thanks in advance.
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Dude your third and final notice is sitting in that pile of bills!

Originally Posted by mcjasonb /forum/post/16898906

that's dope son.

Yeah. That's prob where the idea came from.
Five dolla dolla bill, yall!
Is that baby oil on the right near the monitor?
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This was a train wreck from the start
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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