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I have emailed all of the local Birmingham, Al stations about the DTV progress. I have only seen or heard information from two of them. FOX & CBS(very informative talk with station engineer) CBS says they will be ready by May or soon after.

I just noticed this on the local FOX website too.

I will believe it when I see it :) I may just go ahead and order the OTA 6000 module though LOL

At least it's something..most stations around here will not even reply to emails.

For all I know this statement has been on here for years LOL


You may have heard some talk about a new form of television. HDTV (High-Definition Television) or DTV (Digital Television) is one of the newest technologies today! Digital television will truly revolutionize the way you watch TV.

When you currently watch FOX6 (or any other TV station), you are watching an analog signal. However, the new technology utilizes a digital signal -- something that the human eye and ear cannot hear or see. It will kind of be like a stream of ones and zeros being fed into your TV and then changed into picture and sound.

The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) has decided that all television broadcast signals will make the change to the new DTV format. FOX6 has until May 1, 2002 to comply. This means that by May 1, 2002, WBRC will have to add a digital transmitter to our tower to broadcast in our existing analog signal, plus the new, 1 million watt digital signal.

But FOX6 won't be going away! While our digital dial position will be Channel 50, the only real change will be that WBRC-TV will become WBRC-DT (standing for Digital Television). We won't become FOX50 any time soon -- we'll still be FOX6, the name you have known and have trusted for years!

But DTV adds new capabilities and benefits for you and for us! Your current TV has deminsions that are in a 4:3 ratio (4 units wide for every 3 units tall). The new HDTVs utilize a 16:9 ratio! This means a wider picture -- sort of like the movie theater. In addition to a different picture, we will be able to provide a sharper picture. The detail on HDTVs will be so much higher, you will recieve a crisper, cleaner picture without the annoying lines, snow, ghosts, or other transmition/receiver blemishes.

And the sound will improve as well. In fact, the audio broadcast from digital transmitters will actually be one step better than current surround sound systems! While watching FOX6 News in surround sound might not sound too exciting, FOX's movies, sporting events, and musical specials will all provide better sound quality. That's worth listening to!

HDTV won't necessarily change everything, though. You will still be able to pick up FOX6 on channel 6 because the FCC will allow us to continue to broadcast our analog signal for several more years. So you won't have to go rush out and purchase an expensive HDTV.

FOX6 will get to undergo some changes here atop Red Mountain, too. While many TV stations across the nation are building new facilities for HDTV compatability, FOX6 will be able to modify our existing equipment with ease. We will have to build a new transmitter building, but that's about all you would be able to notice if you visited the station. The station will have to experience some rewiring and will have to purchase some new sound and video equipment. But we do not expect any major interuptions in daily programming or our news operations.

We here at FOX6 like to look at this new technology as something exciting. While there will be some changes, you will still be able to count on FOX6 News for Coverage You Can Count On!
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