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My partner brought an old 23" Philips 23PF5320/28 to the relationship. Yesterday I knocked it over. Yeah, it cracked. She's not angry but WILL be if I don't replace it in time for next week's Game of Thrones. Or at least order one by then.

I've read up a bunch here and on other forums and mostly understand the options but am still not sure what to get. I often buy electronics from newegg and go by review (if, like a TV, it's something I don't know enough about) but that doesn't work here... not enough have enough reviews to judge much by.

We sit about 7-8 feet back so I gather a 34-36 inch TV is a good size.

I can spend up to $450 tops. I'd rather spend less and get a decent smaller TV than what I'd get for that price if it makes sense.

Brands to look at? Avoid?

Models that you'd suggest would be great, but I'd also like advice mapping my needs to the features:

The now broken TV was used just for watching comcast cable. We watch movies on my similarly sized computer monitor and occasionally on demand. I'd like to get a larger TV and be able to connect my computer to it on occasion, can use either svga or dvi.

Room is moderately lit during daytime but no glare on screen.

Due to sensitive eyes I hope to be able to turn the brightness down and still get a relatively OK picture. The broken one was awful. I usually watch the news with it way down - losing a lot of detail - and only turn it up to watch movies or shows.

I'm also ridiculously sensitive to flicker. I can't watch an old tube tv at 60hz, let alone old European TVs at 50 or CRTs at 60 or below. Even 70's bother me. I didn't think this would matter, but when I turn down the brightness on my computer monitor it flickers like crazy - the LEDs (if that's what is used?) are flickered to reduce brightness instead of a straight dimming. Is something to watch out for with any particular type of TV?

Oh, and I hope I don't have to pay extra for the intermittent vertical lines that came and went on this one for years

I really appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!

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