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I know that it is probably sacriledge here...

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by being made to watch 48 hours of "ishtar" straight for mentioning it...... But what is the favorite microwave popcorn here? I don't really want to sacrifice the space for a dedicated oil popper, but I do like to indulge in popcorn occasionally. I recall the reddenbudders I got last year of so were pretty good, but haven't found a truly, "wow, I need to buy more of this" brand/flavor.
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When I've had to resort to microwave popcorn, I've used the Boy Scout "Trail's End".

You might consider getting a small popper like the "Stir Crazy" and go for REAL popcorn ;) . I've had one for 2 years and popped my Mega - Pop in it weekly!
Stir crazy or whirly pop is the only way to go if you don't want a big popper. http://www.popcornpopper.com/24000.html
I don't know what my wife buys, but I know it's low fat or reduced calorie (and we don't add anything to it).

I've tried MANY MANY varieties, and to my tastes, Act II Movie Theater Butter is the single best variety of microwave popcorn available.
Popsecret Jumbo Pop. Though America's Test Kitchen didn't like it. They thought it tasted artificially. They preferred Newmans. Not the organic. America's Test Kitchen is a cooking, taste testing show on PBS.

The Stir Crazy and Megapop are good. Just put the popcorn in a LARGE baking pan in a 200 - 250 degree oven (don't go higher it will burn) for about 20 minutes after you pop it. It's crisps up nicely.
ACT II Butter lovers. There seem to be lots of variations in the ACT II. But butter lovers tasted close to real theater corn to me AND is available in bulk at Sam's, which is a big plus.
I liked Act II butter lovers as well, until I got my stir crazy, and have now graduated to a Paragon. Microwave just comes nowhere near these.
I haven't found it at every grocery store, but Orville R's Old Fashioned Butter (even has a picture of an popcorn cart on the box) is the best, most authentic butter flavored popcorn I've ever tried. I even prefer that over the stuff I make on the stove, and that's pretty dang good.
Another Act II fan, from the man without a REAL popper.
Yep, Act II. Buy it in bulk from Sam's Club, but since we don't eat that much it lasts a long time.

And don't feel bad about not going for the theater style popper. I made the choice for a microwave/convection oven instead - which means I can bake cookies, broil appetizers, and nuke popcorn. Very versatile.

Act II all the way...there is no other for me.
Jolly Time's Blast-O-Butter
You gotta go with the Orville with the pour over movie theater butter. That is...if you have to go with microwave popcorn.
Originally posted by Nick P
Jolly Time's Blast-O-Butter
I tried that. I didn't care for it at all. The old original JT that you popped was great. I think I'll explore the old Jiffy Pop again. It used to be good.
Home theater general has a lot on this topic:)
I prefer Pop Weaver's Extra Butter.

The popcorn used in MEGA POP (the preferred brand of pre-packs here) is Pop Weaver. When purchased at Wally World in the 15 pack box, it is both delicious and a great bargain!

Dang! Now I wish I had some with me here at work . . . er, I mean here at home :eek:

Of course, I certainly wouldn't access this forum from work!!! :rolleyes:
I am a Pop Weaver Extra butter (I cheat and put some butter more on too) from walmart fan too. A friend at work made some about 5 years ago. I thought walmart popcorn?? It sure did smell good and after trying it. Orville was dead to me.
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