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Before I get stones thrown at me. No im not using factory vivid mode settings.

Anyway I have a px80 for day plasma viewing, mostly tv, and hdtv, odd gaming. No blue rays. My calibrated projector and highpower screens 2:35:1 and 16:9 are the only way i like to watch blue rays.

But anyway for regular tv viewing and gaming i really like it. Now i dailed down contrast quite substantially, and brightness. I am at 58 for contrast and 54 for brightness, i will do full calibration later, my only concern will be if it is crushing blacks. I also dialed down color from 60 to 46.

Cinema mode would be my favorite but its to dim for lights on day viewing which is the purpose of my plasma. All other modes no matter how i set them appear washed out, except vivid. Does vivid use a higher gamma? Perhaps 2.4?

Regardless the most striking thing I noticed was how closely the vivid mode on this set mimics the custom mode of the G15. With regards to brightness, gamma and blacks (although the g15 of course can go deeper). I got the idea when someone mentioned custom mode was brighter on the 12G sets but you could probably adjust vivid mode to get a similar result on a 11g set. Now im not saying this turned a px80 in a g15 it wont happen, but it really is crazy how similar they look with regards to gamma and brightness.

I was just wondering if anyone else has calibrated vivid mode with their sets and received good results. Its almost like panasonic vivid mode has a higher gamma on my px80 and then they simply set the defaults of contrast and brightness and color way to high and bang they had vivid mode. My projector is calibrated close to 2.4 gamma, and i find it better and much richer 3d look compared to 2.2 gamma or whatever panasonics are set to (2.1?), as long as you dont crush blacks or shadow detail.

Any info on this would be appreciated, it really does seem to good to be true i will run some setup patterns later.
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