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i.link recording software

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I just got a Sharp AQUOS 45" LCD and like all Sharps I've seen, has the on screen channel guide. If you hook up a VCR to the display, you can press "record" on the remote and it will send the signal to the VCR and tell it to record. Similarly, you can set it up to record shows on a schedule, similar to tivo, etc...

Now, instead of a VCR, it says you can substitute an i.link recorder (e.g. a D-VHS set). i.link is just a standard firewire connection, so it is likely just a firewire video stream similar to what is sent out by a dv-cam, which can likely be recorded by dv-cam capture software (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc).

However, this seems it would require manual input ... when you send the signal out the i.link, you need to then tell the software to save the stream.

Is there any software out there (pc or mac, but mac preferred) that will automatically save these streams and preferably arrange them and make them easily accessible? I don't even know where to start looking for something like this ... nor if this is even the correct forum.
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Just bumping my own topic ... I see the topic has been viewed many times, can anyone tell me if this is even possible? It seems pretty basic to me, but I'm not an expert.

I'll even take opionions ... I'm just interested if I should pursue this further. Maybe I should start a new (open-source) software project?
Can't comment on your tv in particular but I had an RCA with 2 i.link ports on it and I attempted to do the same thing with it.

I did not try it on a mac but with the pc I was unable to do it because there were simply no drivers. I tried several a/v-c tuner drivers but none worked.

bottom line: the pc could not recognize the hardware (read as tv) so no software could not interface with it.

if you can find drivers that will work with your tv, you can use VLC or some other program to capture the stream. But no drivers = no such luck at least in the pc world.
Thanks vladd ... that is more or less my experience on the mac too, it just wouldn't recognize as anything. It seems strange to me that these drivers aren't available as there are these av-hdd drives on the market and it doesn't seem like it'd be too much work to write a windows / mac specific driver.

Oh well ... I was just hoping something was out there.
Originally Posted by rjcarr316
Oh well ... I was just hoping something was out there.
I know what you mean. I gave up searching, but if I ever do come across something, I'll let you know.
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