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Hey Archie54, do you know where Dimmitt is?

My grandparents and other family lived there through ~1980. Dimmitt is about 90 miles from Amarillo and Lubbock, and just about everybody in town had a deep fringe antenna on a 20 foot (or more) tower. I have fond memories as a child of playing with my grandpa's antenna rotator, looking for something other than "wrastlin'" to watch.

Although 50 miles is a lot less than 90 miles, if I was in your boots I'd put up a tower if at all possible. Cutting out the ground clutter will solve your problem a lot quicker than any fancy antenna. You'll still need a highly directional antenna, and maybe some amplification. But IME it's the elevation that makes the difference between you getting a good stable OTA signal and pulling your hair out every time a truck passes. Good luck!
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