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Hey everyone! These forums have helped me quite a bit when it comes to speaker, the same way Head-Fi has done to me with Headphones! But now that I have a pair of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR and have a Klipsch RW-12d coming in tomorrow I need a crossover. I've been a fan of power amps, and will be for the foreseeable future (Friend designs power amps and headphone amps, Joe0Bloggs will be showing them at a meet in Hong Kong soon). So I need something more efficient than letting my speakers and sub do my bass. I've been recommended the MiniDSP, and saw they had balanced, which is nice (Once I get balanced gear), but I want to see if there are any other products that will do the same thing for around $200. I need it to accept RCA or balanced inputs from my DAC, and output RCA or balanced to my power amp, as well as balanced out for my subwoofer (LFE). So it will be acting as a low pass filter and it would be nice to import files from Room EQ Wizard so I could use it with other devices besides just my PC.

Thanks for the help,

Mark K.
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