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I need advice for the purchase of front Dx and Sx speakers for HT 7.1.4 system

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Good evening to all,
As the title suggests not as an expert I would like advice from the most experienced forum users for the purchase of the 2 main speakers of my HT system configured in 7.1.4 with future intentions to expand it more and more to reach a high-level immersive audio seen that I have a Trinnov Altitude 32 audio processor that manages everything.
The amplification is not of the first order because I am using 2 Parasound A52 and 1 Parasound A23, but we say it is not even low level, then if necessary replace in the coming years.

I started initially with the purchase of M & K Sound 150 speakers, so much is that I currently have 4 atmos IC-95 ceiling, plus the back surrounds that are 2 S150T, but I'm not convinced if I continue on this road because I have the doubt that It would sound very good for movies, but not at the audiophile level for music.
I thought I entered 2 ESL type hybrid electrostatic Martin Logans or remaining on the traditional 60xti always Martin Logan and don't take more than 2 S150 I thought I'd take.
Does anyone who own products may tell me the experience of him? Thank you all for the comments, good evening.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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