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i need an ryobi table saw extension

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i bought this saw 10`` price was good new $37 after$ 50 rebate,

but its26.5 `` long , and its 16.5`` wide. , i thought a bout tradesman extension but its wider 17,5`` so my ryobi rip fence won`t fit on 17.5``.

unless get the tradesman extension and rip fence too.

does any one made an DIY extension

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Do you have any preference for one that is standard, cryoed, or oxygen-free?:cool:
Originally posted by coolcat
Do you have any preference for one that is standard, cryoed, or oxygen-free?:cool:


cast iron or aluminum will be fine ,but it has to fit :confused:
It would help to know the model number of the saw.

I have a Ryobi table saw (Actually Sears clone, but same thing). Try this page to get some ideas on how to improve this great little saw! www.bt3central.com

Or check the Ryobi forum:


Let me know if this is not what you were looking for...

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I'm guessing that this is the one he bought. As it's the only one I could even remotely imagine being sold for anywhere near under $100.

And if this is the one, to obtain a extension wing. I think the only way you will get one, is if you make your own or adapt something from some other brand. As even Ryobi shows no such option for it. Unless you could possibly use the "wing" from the BTS20 on the BTS10. But I would call Ryobi first, and ask if that is possible, before ordering the parts from the BTS20.

The BTS10 (the one I think he has.)

And the BTS20

Now you also may be able to buy the "wing" from this Sears model, and use it.

As this looks like it's made for them by Ryobi.


Either way, none of these three models are really made for cutting full 4'X8' or even 4'X4' or even 2'X4' sheets of 3/4" MDF with a lot of accuracy, or anything else like that for that matter in those sizes.

You may want to look into trying to find a BT3100 for a good price if you can. (But they are somewhat harder to find now, and it looks like they are only sold through Home Depot now also.) As it's more suited to stuff up into the 4'X4' range, than either the BTS10 or BTS20 or the Sears one above. And in the long run may be way less of a headache to use, when you need to cut anything near that size.


Remember, a power tool that is not big enough for the job you need it to do, many times is also not a safe tool to be using in that application!
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thanks for reply

yes the saw i have its BTS 10 on side of both ends is 3 holes threaded , thats mean it will take an extension. tradesman is wider 17.5`` ryobi is 16.5``.

i may get the tradesman extension for $19 + rip fence $$?? to go with it. and try to match the holes or drill a few more to match it.

BTW i saw a video on using a circular saw to cut a 4x8 more accurate than table saw it was on net i can not find the site,
Originally posted by safaa
BTW i saw a video on using a circular saw to cut a 4x8 more accurate than table saw it was on net i can not find the site,
Not to discourage you, but if you try to cut large items on one of those. You are really going to be pushing the limits of the saw. And certainly so by trying to cut 4'x8' sheets, let alone with accurately!

In fact, I would not even attempt it on a saw like that. I'd limit it to the 2'x4' sheets you can buy, and maybe try a 4'x4' sheet, but I would not attempt 4'x8' sheet. But you should be able to build just about any speaker you want, with either a 2'x'4' or 4'x4' sheet, short of a line array project.

Even on my full size 3hp Table saw which measures 54"x27" with it's cast iron extensions. And that is made for sizes like that, it's not that easy. As they (4'x8' sheets) are big, heavy, and hard to work with unless they are fully supported underneath, and with very little of them hanging off into free air unsupported.

not a speaker this time this was for china cabinet\\entertainment center

it would look like this
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Originally posted by safaa
i found it here it is

Yeah well that is simple, you just clamp a straight object on the piece to cut, and use that as a guide to make the cut. And you can buy those kind of guides made out of aluminum, or even make your own with something that's straight and clamp it down with a pair of C-clamps.


I thought 'Tweaks and do it Yourself' was limited to audio.

we try and tweak to enhance our audio experiences, and sharing ideas, thats best thing in AVS forum

:D tweaks ~ R ~ us
Originally posted by Swampfox
I thought 'Tweaks and do it Yourself' was limited to audio.
Well considering there are many here who build there own speakers, subwoofers, speaker stands, TV stands and such. Makes talking saws and other woodworking tools fit right in.
I'm using a contractor-type table saw to make a table, and yes, a bigger "professional" table saw would save a lot of time by being able to make more accurate cuts on large pieces. Make sure you use support rollers for infeed and outfeed. My table is to provide an extra row of seating behind the couch for the Home Theater.

The Ridgid as a very powerful saw for its size.
I'm no woodworking pro, but from hanging out at woodworking forums I gather that even experienced woodworkers rarely use their tablesaws to cut large sheets of plywood or mdf.

My method isn't pretty, but it works just fine. I lay a series of 2 x 4's on the garage floor, place the sheet to be cut on top, carefully align and clamp a straight edge, and then cut with a circular saw while kneeling on the sheet. By supporting the sheet with multiple 2 x 4's, I prevent the sheet from catching the blade. By kneeling on the sheet, I am able to reach across a 4' span and make the entire cut in one smooth pass. I make the pieces just a bit oversized (e.g., 1/4"), then shave down the edges with my Ryobi BT3100.

Tempest Construction Pix: http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/m...view_album.php
Or, you could just get the saw that is made for cutting 4x8 sheets. The Unisaw.:cool:

I'll get a Unisaw about when I get my 4-car garage!
I have a delta mini saw like that and for over 7 years have been using it in this...

i love it

i also have the extension table with router mount

it gives me 54 in ripping ability plus i am able to use it as a router/shaper table.

one thing i have added lately is a out-feed table.

Its a great set. If it fits the riobi your all set.

of course its not 15 bux

but it gives me near unisaw capacity and accuracy for when i am on the job site.

(i have been in the business for 15 years)

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Originally posted by coolcat
Or, you could just get the saw that is made for cutting 4x8 sheets. The Unisaw.
Or if you want to stay with the Delta brand, you can also do it for a lot less than the Unisaw price.

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